At Tech-To-U, we offer a flat rate consultaion fee of $59.00.  All you
have to do is call us for an appointment.  We will come to your home
or place of business, access the work your computer needs and
give you an estimate for the job.  The $59.00 is included in any work
we do.  In other words, we won't charge you $59.00 plus the cost of
the job.  The $59.00 is included in the cost of the job.

We don't want you to have any surprises at the end of the job.  We
give you a detailed estimate of the work we will perform.

Every client is different. At Tech-To-U, we recognize that and we do
all we can to be your personal “computer guy."
Don't get FRUSTRATED!  
Get a Tech-To-U TODAY!